When to sell your altcoins !!

When to sell your altcoins
When to sell your altcoins

To build a bulletproof exit strategy it is crucial to first understand the asset we’re dealing with. This understanding starts with putting everything into context, the world economiy consists of multiple financial markets, housing markets foreign exchange markets stock markets and thousands of others. Almost all these markets follow some kind of visible cycle. It can be a one year cycle a four year cycle or even a 12 year cycle, in some cases these longer cycles contain even smaller cycles, that last a few months or even a few weeks. These cycles can also change over time usually becoming longer as a given market matures.

The cryptocurrency market is very young and that makes it very volatile. This is simply because nobody knows for sure, what the actual value of the market is, older and more established investors like warren buffett, hold much of the wealth in financial markets worlwide. These investors are generally more conservative, and less prone to taking risks with their invesrments, especially when it comes to new markets which consist technologies. They don’t understand this was actually the reason why mastercard pulled out of facebook’s libra projet.

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