If decentraland is missing from your mental dictionary here’s the definition, decentraland is a community-owned virtual world that leverages the ethereum blockchain, it consists of 90000 parcels of land which measure 16 by 16 meters or 52 by 52 feet for you yanks out there. Each parcel of land exists as a non-fungible land token on the ethereum blockchain, non-fungible means that each land token is unique, this is because each one is characterized by its location on decentraland’s map, each parcel of land can also be customized using the decentralian builder which is similar to the building tools you find in games like sims and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.
Some land is used for roads that cannot be bought or sold these are the light grey lines you see across the map, some land belongs to plazas which are owned by the decentraland community these are the nine green areas you see on the map, each plaza has its own theme and the plaza at the center is known as the genesis plaza which is where all players spawn, all items on the decentralized marketplace are purchased using the mana token which is also the de facto in-game currency of decentraland holders of the manor token can vote on any changes to decentraland such as content moderation token economics and even the building height limit and size of land parcels.
Landlords also have voting power to the tune of 2000 votes per land token they hold, while everything related to transactions ownership and governance is done on ethereum decentraland’s virtual world itself is sustained by a series of community-owned content servers even though decentraland has technically been in the works since 2015 it wasn’t until february of last year that it opened its virtual doors to the public.
Since it’s launched last february decentraland has become one of the most popular virtual worlds in cryptocurrency, when you consider everything that’s happened since then it’s easy to understand why after in-person meet-ups were made impossible by the pandemic decentraland hosted the famous block down crypto conference in april last year this online event featured crypto like Eric voorhees, Roger ver ripple and Stella co-founder jed mccaleb finance ceo chang penzhao and even Akon a musician building a crypto super city in senegal.

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