Top 5 best crypto exchanges in 2022

Top 5 best crypto exchanges in 2022
Top 5 best crypto exchanges in 2022

The first crypto exchange i’ll be sharing with you has been somewhat of a rising star it’s one that’s exploded out of seemingly nowhere to become the third largest crypto exchange at least according to coin marketcap and that would be the FTX exchange, now this is global exchange was founded back in 2017 and had recently move dits headquarters from Hong kong to the Bahamas probably a good move given the previous form of the ccp, another thing to note is that FTX has been backed by people with some very deep pockets and raised eye-watering amounts of money, for example the first major funding round in 2021 saw 900 million dollars being raised and further 420 million dollars later in the year according to our calculations that’s a staggering 1.3 billion dollars.

The second pick has to be Gemini, now here’s a fun fact this exchange was founded by the winklevoss twins, the chaps who had a bit of a falling out with Mark zuckerberg over who came up with the idea of facebook, this exchange opened its doors back in 2015 and has made regulatory compliance one of its main selling points, they even took out ads on the new york subway with the message quote finally a regulated place to buy, sell and store crypto, they’re also regulated by the new york state department of financial services now that is a big deal as most crypto exchanges just block users from NYC that’s because that’s because that new york regulation is super tricky to comply with, but it’s a hoop that Gemini have been able to jump through successfully.

Our third pick has got to be coinbase now many crypto vets won’t want to admit it but they most likely have used coinbase to get in and out of crypto at some point indeed coinbase was one of the first companies to get into the crypto exchange game back in 2012. They also listed on the US stock market early this year too that might be important to those who beleive that publicly traded companies are held more accountable than privately owned ones now coinbase is still insanely popular, this exchange has over 73 million verified users with 255 billion dollars in assets on the platform and there is a ton of quarterly trade volume there to boot.

Binance, its a legendary crypto exchange seen by many as the big daddy, it’s currently the largest exchange in the world for spot trading, honestly go speak to your freinds who hold some crypto the chances are they have an account at binance, the reason why is due to the vast array of altcoins available here great liquidity and extensive exchange features. It is true that binance has recently been in the regulatory crosshairs in several jurisdictions and that’s led to binance having to make sweeping changes when it comes to its KYC procedures, it seems that you won’t be able to use binance if you’re based in singapore or if you’re based in Ontario Canada, given that china banned all crypto transactions earlier in the year it’s also safe to say that you can’t use binance if you live there either.

Our final top crypto exchange is Kucoin, now this is one of the favorite exchanges amongst altcoin and crypto newcomers, apparently one in every four crypto holders has an account here, one key reason for that popularity is the amount of exotic altcoins available here that mean binance looked pretty crazy offering you the opportunity to get your hands on 400 different cryptocurrencies but Kucoin goes beyond even that by giving you access to over 500. So if you’re into hunting for low cap gems then Kucoin is probably an exchange that you want to have an account at. In terms of fiat deposits, Kukoin supports visa, mastercard and bank transfers via its p2p marketplace.


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