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white paper
white paper


When it comes to researching a cryptocurrency, one of the most important sources of information is the project’s white paper, now the only problem is that white papers can be very difficult to understand especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

First things first what is a white paper ?

Well in short a white paper is a summary of a crypto project it includes stuff like the project’s purpose its design, the team behind it, how it’s funded and its roadmap. White papers are typically the first thing a crypto project creates after its website and social media accounts because of this many beleive that white papers exist primarily for marketing purposes since they are often intended to attract investors.

Now this ultimately depends on the crypto project in question but it’s certainly something to keep in mind when analyzing white papers, naturally white papers come in all shapes and sizes some white papers have losts of images and others have none, as you can imagine the ones without images are the ones that require a bit of extra work to unpack.

Now the first thing to look for in a white pape ris when it was written and who wrote it, this is because crypto projects tend to change over time and some of them have consequently issued multiple white papers since they were first founded as such it’s important to make sure that you’re reading the most up-to-date white paper possible, usually this is the white paper that’s posted on the crypto project’s website or in its documentation. If you can’t find a white paper on a crypto project’s website or documentation chances are you’ll fin dit on a website called

The last thing to look for in a cryptocurrency white paper is something nobody ever checks and that’s any references sources or footnotes this is because the devil is the detail the references section often reveals whether the authors of the white paper are the real deal or just writing one big word salad references to run-of-the-mill websites like wikipedia or other cryptocurrency white papers is not a good sign. Quality sources include scientific papers that are publicly accessible or even the niche crypto writings of early cypherpunks like DAVID CHALM and ADAM BACK.


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