The Real Reason Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Never Had Children

When Presley and Jackson started their lives together, the couple began talking about expanding their family. Although Presley already had two children, she said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that Jackson yearned for them to have babies together. As Presley started to see more of Jackson’s life, the singer said becoming pregnant with his child worried her. She noted his alleged manipulative actions toward his team.

Presley also said the behavior made her see how things could get ugly if she disagreed with Jackson.

“I did want to, but I just wanted to make sure,” Presley said back in 2010. “I was looking into the future and thinking, ‘I don’t ever want to get into a custody battle with him.

Lisa Marie Presley said Michael Jackson threatened to have children with Debbie Rowe while they were married

Eventually, Jackson’s push for children became something that didn’t concern Presley. She told Winfrey that she learned Jackson had issues with substance misuse several months into their marriage. Presley then explained that Jackson’s team enabled his behavior, and he had control over everyone around him. She filed for divorce from Jackson in 1995, and it became final in 1996.

Two months after their divorce, Jackson’s former nurse, Debbie Rowe, became pregnant with their first child, Prince. The speedy pregnancy didn’t surprise Presley, who told Winfrey Rowe frequently communicated with Jackson during their marriage.

“She was there the whole time telling him that she would [have his child],” Presley recalled. “He would tell me, ‘Debbie said she’ll do it.’ That’s how he knew to handle it, ‘If you’re not going to do it, this person will.’”

Presley continued to say that she felt “disposable” by Jackson when he used Rowe against her. However, the pair kept in contact after their divorce before Jackson died in June 2009.

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