The Real Reason Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Never Had Children

Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Michael Jackson pushed her personal life into the spotlight. While she gained notoriety and fame as the daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, the relationship with Jackson resulted in several reports and assumptions. Presley revealed in 2010 why the couple decided not to have children during their marriage.

Lisa Marie Presley had two children before she married Michael Jackson

Jackson and Presley connected based on their similar childhood upbringings. In the 1970s, Jackson’s life changed dramatically when his family’s group, The Jackson 5, became popular. Presley grew up in the limelight, as her father already achieved massive musical success when she was born. Although Presley briefly met Jackson at the age of 7-years-old, their romantic relationship happened much later. In 1992, the pair started dating but kept their romance hush-hush. They went public with their relationship in August 1994, where Presley confirmed they married back in May 1994 and said she took Jackson’s last name.

“My married name is Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson,” Presley’s statement read. “We both look forward to raising a family and living a happy, healthy life together.”

Before dating Jackson, Presley left her first husband, Danny Keough. The couple welcomed two children during their marriage- Riley and Benjamin. After she finalized her divorce from Keough, Presley married Jackson 20 days later.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson didn’t have children because she refused to go through a ‘custody battle’


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