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How to strengthen the immune system of a dog or cat?


How to understand that a pet has weakened immunity?
Animals with weak immunity often get sick. New or already transferred diseases can cling to them, and chronic ailments are exacerbated.

Another indicator is wool. Her condition can tell a lot about a pet’s health. A dull, weakened “coat” is a signal of a decrease in immunity. In addition, with reduced immunity, pets become lethargic and apathetic, they tend to sleep more and prefer quiet rest to activities. This condition is very dangerous and should not be underestimated. With reduced immunity, the body becomes defenseless against viruses, bacteria, and infections, many of which are very dangerous.

How to strengthen the immune system of a dog and cat
Ways to Strengthen Immunity in Dogs and Cats
How to strengthen the immune system of a cat, kitten, dog, or puppy? In general, the methods are very similar to ours. Let’s list the main ones.

Balanced diet. The foundation of good health. Lack or excess of vitamins in the body is a quick way to deteriorate immunity. Make sure that the diet for your pet is selected correctly, that it consists of high-quality components and fully meets the needs of the pet, that the feeding rate is maintained. If you feed your pet with natural products, also give him a vitamin and mineral complex. Your veterinarian will recommend it.

Vaccination. Vaccinations help protect your pet from many dangerous diseases. They give the pet acquired immunity and maximally protect its health. There is a vaccination schedule that must be followed. Be sure to ask your veterinarian for a vaccination schedule, learn how to prepare your pet for vaccination and how to maintain its health afterward.

Treatment for parasites. External (fleas, ticks, etc.) and internal (helminths, etc.) parasites are a huge blow to the pet’s immunity and the cause of many serious diseases. Deworming a cat or dog should be done once a quarter. Treatment against external parasites – depending on the type of protection chosen. The expiration date of each product is indicated on the package.

Fleas are active all year round, and ticks can become active even in winter, during a warming period. Even if the pet does not visit the street, there is a risk of infection: parasites can be brought into the house on your shoes or clothes.

Correct rehabilitation. If your pet has had a difficult period in his life (serious illness, injury, childbirth, surgery, severe stress, etc.), his immunity will need your support. Strictly follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. Eat a diet and maintain a calm regimen. Taking antibiotics strongly undermines the immune system. Unfortunately, they destroy not only pathogenic but also beneficial bacteria, causing dysbiosis. To combat the negative consequences and facilitate rehabilitation, veterinarians recommend giving your pet probiotics.
Maintain your gut microflora. Immunity and the gut are closely related. About 75% of immunity is formed in the intestines. If the intestine works like a clock, then everything will be in order with the immune system. Prebiotics and probiotics help maintain and regulate the intestinal microflora. Probiotics are beneficial living organisms that, when entering the intestines, destroy harmful bacteria, eliminate gastrointestinal problems and normalize stool. Prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial microflora and improve the effect of probiotics. They can be applied on an ongoing basis. For animals, these are Viyo Reinforces prebiotic drinks: they are very tasty, and the pets drink them themselves. As well as a complex of pre-and probiotics Protexin.

How to strengthen the immune system of a dog and cat
Active lifestyle. Remember movement is life? The more your pet moves, the more active and eventful life he leads, the more energy he will have. For dogs, daily walks, being in nature, sports, active games are required. Cats can be kept physically active through games. Purchase several toys for active joint or independent play. All this will allow pets to improve their physical fitness and strengthen their immunity.
Prevention of stress. Stress damages the health of many people – and it’s the same with pets. Try not to create stressful situations, both for the emotional state of the animal and its body. Purchase special toys for your cat or dog. This is a good way to deal with stress!
In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you need to visit a veterinarian not only when a problem has arisen, but also for prevention purposes.

Control the health of your pet, support its immunity – this is the only way it will be under reliable protection!

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