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5 reasons why a dog is losing weight


We – beautiful ladies – are happy when we throw off a couple of kilos. But if our dog begins to lose weight, then there is no time for joy. Where does the weight go if the pet has a good appetite as usual and nothing has changed dramatically in its lifestyle? Let’s figure it out together.

What should a healthy dog ​​look like?
Each breed has its standards. Some dogs are denser (for example, Rottweilers), others look like graceful porcelain figurines (for example, whippets). But there is a “cheat sheet” for all dogs, without exception:

Fitness is when a dog’s ribs are easily felt with the fingers but do not protrude through the skin. The pelvic bones also do not protrude. That is, you can’t see the outline of the ribs and pelvic bones in your dog.
If the ribs are difficult to feel, the dog is overweight. If, on the contrary, they protrude and if the pelvic bones are visible, the dog is underweight.

Usually, weight problems are accompanied by a deterioration in the quality of the coat: it becomes dull, begins to fall out. And the dog itself becomes lethargic or restless.

Why is the dog losing weight?
What is poor appetite?
Any of us may not have an appetite. Like this, for no reason. And it’s the same with dogs. If your pet missed yesterday’s dinner or today’s lunch, that’s perfectly fine. Maybe it’s too hot outside, or maybe he’s just not in the mood.

But if the dog does not go to food at all for two days or more, this is a serious reason to consult a veterinarian. Right now, without delay.

Why is the dog losing weight?
Most often, a dog loses weight for the following reasons. The most common is 5.

Diseases and infection with helminths
These can be chronic diseases of the pet that you already know about and are struggling with. Or there may be those that you do not even know about.

Most diseases are accompanied not only by weight loss but also by other symptoms. However, at the initial stage, they may not appear or appear weakly. You may not notice anything.

Weight loss can be associated with helminthic infestation. Even a pet that rarely visits the street and does not come into contact with other animals can become infected with helminths. While there are few parasites in the body, they do not give themselves away. But the dog may already begin to lose weight.

The first thing to do if your dog starts to lose weight is to show it to your veterinarian. This will help pinpoint the true cause of your weight loss.
Any digestive upset – diarrhea or constipation – can cause your dog to lose weight quickly. If the dog had loose stools in the morning, but by the evening everything returned to normal, there is no reason for panic. But if the problems with the stool dragged on for several days, you need to urgently consult a veterinarian and find the cause.

Prolonged diarrhea leads to dehydration. For weakened animals and small puppies, this can result in death.
It may seem to you that the dog’s life has not changed, but let’s think again. Perhaps she suffered an illness? Or have you changed the food? Or did the neighbors start a noisy renovation? Or maybe a child or a new pet has appeared in your house?

Any change in the dog’s habits can cause stress on the dog. And stress is a close friend of weight loss.

If stress is the problem, try to eliminate the irritant. If this is not possible, help the dog adapt to it. Suspicious dogs will be helped by special sedatives. Their choice must be agreed with the veterinarian. Do not hesitate to seek help from zoopsychologists. They will help you better understand your dog.

Pain when chewing
The dog may refuse to eat because it hurts to eat. Her tongue or palate may be injured. Or perhaps a toothache.

Ear conditions can also cause pain when the jaw moves.

Carefully examine the pet’s oral cavity: the condition of the teeth and mucous membranes. Check the condition of the auricles for profuse discharge. Check with your veterinarian.
Inappropriate nutrition and inadequate drinking
We’ve saved the most popular reason for weight loss for last. In 90% of cases, the dog loses weight due to improper nutrition.

The food she has chosen may not be suitable for her. Please note that meat should be the main ingredient in dog food. If in the first place in the composition of cereals, then here it is, your reason. And one more important point: the feed must be complete and balanced. This means that it contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the dog, and there is no need to supplement the dog with anything else.

Your dog may not have enough fluid. Because of this, she can regurgitate dry food, and the body will not receive enough energy.

Changing feed, overusing delicacies, supplementing with food from the table, insufficient portions, or, conversely, overfeeding – all this can lead to a violation of eating habits and weight problems.
Make sure that the food you choose is right for your dog and that you are following the feeding rate indicated on the package. Get Breeder Support: Professional breeders know all about the nuances of feeding their breed.

The dog is losing weight: why?
It is not only the quality of the feed that is important but also the quality of its storage. The dog may refuse food because it smells “somehow wrong” or has been in the bowl for a long time. When buying, carefully check the integrity of the packaging and follow the rules for storing food at home.

We have listed the most common causes of weight loss. There are others: for example, extreme heat on the street, the period of rehabilitation after surgery or a previous illness, taking medications, an inappropriate place for feeding, and others. In these cases, the weight usually returns to normal as soon as the body recovers. But we strongly recommend that you keep your finger on the pulse and enlist the support of a veterinarian. It is never superfluous!

Ideal weight for your pets. Let them feel good!

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